The Art of Alexander Calder

Buy Untitled, 1961 at
Untitled, 1961
Buy Smoke Rings (serigraph) at
Smoke Rings (serigraph)
Buy Hovering Bowties, 1963 at
Hovering Bowties, 1963
Buy Les Austres (The Stars), 1966 at
Les Austres
(The Stars), 1966
Buy Gouaches et Totems, 1966 at
Gouaches et Totems, 1966
Buy Stabiles, 1963 at
Stabiles, 1963
Buy Stabile Noir, 1959 at
Stabile Noir, 1959
Buy Mobiles at
Buy Albi, 1971 at
Albi, 1971
Buy Arrow at
Buy Stabiles at
Buy Triangles et Spirales, 1973 at
Triangles et Spirales, 1973
Buy Maeght Editeur, 1971 at
Maeght Editeur, 1971
Buy Fleches at
Buy Asymetrie, 1972 at
Asymetrie, 1972


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